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1157 Forest Ave # D Pacific Grove, CA 93950
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My family enjoyed it!
Liked: Delicious pizza, Friendly staff


I would recommend this place.


Greek feta pizza is awesome!
Liked: Food, Service, Atmosphere, Value


Best gluten-free pizza on the peninsula! Thanks.

May Whee 5

Stopped in on a chance dance and was pleasantly surprised. The California Vegetarian is excellent! We also tried the Chicken Pesto, which was also good. Nice, home-style thick crust pizza with premium toppings, like artichoke hearts. Service started out good but deteriorated as the waiter gravitated around a girl. Comping us for late drinks helped. The food was so good that I will be back! Not cheap, but definitely worth it!!!
Liked: Food

A Google User

Veggie Pizza & Unsweetened Tejava Tea ! This pizza is terrific as I am sitting here with my wife eating it now. Vegetables are fresh and the crust is the original Italian restaurant type...yummy, the yumarama, the yumville. Ordered the all natural Tejava Iced Tea which came cold in glass (returnable) and is just like my mom used to make, utilizing the sun with just leaves and water. Never had the tea before and now I dig. Delivery guy came quick, pizza was hot and he left without a trace.... Love this pizza place and will continue ordering from them. Thanks for reading.


Liked: Food, Service
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Cher H.

Monterey, CA


I LOVE supporting local restaurants. I ALSO LOVE restaurants who support local schools:)
Thanks Pizza My Way, for the fundraiser, for La Mesa.

The salad was YUMMY and the pizza was a BIG hit with our family. We'll be back:)

Shiho F.

Carmel by the Sea, CA


I found out from Anna B. that Pizza My Way served up Gluten Free pizza a couple days ago so yesterday I placed an order for a Medium 1/2 Pepperoni on Tomato Sauce and 1/2 Mushroom on White Sauce (asked and made sure it had no wheat). Gluten Free pizza crust is available in small and medium (I wanted a large) and is a very thin crust (which I prefer) and is not cheap ($22). Thank goodness the pizza rocked even though I was too busy to pick it up on time and it enjoyed a couple slices cold. Their pepperoni kicks ass! I haven't had any that good in a while. Their white sauce is more like a garlic sauce and it was killer!

They also offer gluten free beer and dessert. So I took a brownie home and since I was pressed for time and wasn't going to eat it for a few hours, I was able to reheat it at home in my oven... um I'm pretty sure they don't make this lovely creation in house but it tasted homemade. Probably the tastiest brownie I've had in a longtime. I topped it with Cool Whip (don't ask... I had some leftover from a cake I made a few days ago) and we went to town and it put a smile on my face.

Thank you PMW for offering GF options. I look forward to enjoying more of your pizza and that scrumptious brownie. Oh and their service was lovely, the young lady behind the counter was very courteous and the gentleman on the phone was patient with my special order and GF needs.

Nicole D.

Monterey, CA


What better way to spend a drizzly Sunday evening than staying in, gourging on gourmet pizzas and doing a movie marathon (movies on demand and pizzas on demand - yes, they deliver!)

We selected a medium Carne Margherita and a large Cheese Pizza. Ample pizza for two, with plenty of leftovers for a nice next day re-play. The Cheese Pizza was warm, extra cheesey and perfectly golden-brown . The Carne Margherita, one of their top sellers, was a sizzling swirl of mouth-watering flavors (sausage, bellpeppers, mozzarella and onions).

My one gripe is the pizzas are bit pricey. Pizzas are noticeably different in quality but also noticeably different in price. We spent $50 for two pizzas, which included tax and tip. With so many pizza budget-friendly deals sprouting up everywhere, I might be reserving PIzza My Way for my splurge pizza nights. Pizza My Way will definitely makes it's way into my regular pizza rotation.

I'll definitely be finding my way back to PMW again soon, maybe I'll try dining in next time (if I can doff my laziness and get out of my pj's). At PMW, you'll find a nice selection of gourmet pizzas and limitless customizing power to create your perfect pizza. You can build your pizzas from the crust up (choosing your style of crust, toppings, size and perfect sides).

Sameen G.

Monterey, CA


Got a veggie pizza to-go and it was fantastic! Tons of fresh veggies and a good amount of sauce. We opted for the low-fat mozzarella option, which was very satisfying without being overly greasy (and It didn't taste weird or anything). The crust was some of the best I've had since living in Monterey. Will definitely be back!

Mary Y.

Clinton, LA


I went here last week with my family, and we all loved it. The owner and server we're very welcoming, filling us in on the portion sizes and favorite pizzas. My dad has a tomato allergy, and they were able to accommodate us (the California veggie pizza is great!). Like many other reviewers, we really enjoyed the crust, it was PERFECT! My family is very supportive of small businesses and we'll be sure to be back!

The small downside: the decor is sparse. But the pizza and service are so great, we didn't mind at all!

Noelle J.

San Jose, CA


The World According to Noelle
Allergic Girl's Guide to Life

Thanks to Yelp, we found "Pizza My Way" in Pacific Grove.

Pizza My Way is located in a nondescript small strip mall across from Trader Joe's. My husband and I ordered a large half pepperoni and half sausage pizza. The pizza sauce was simply amazing, perfect taste of fresh tomatoes without being too acetic. The peperoni was decent (B+) as far as taste. The sausage was the best we've ever had (A+) - great seasonings without being over spicy. The pizza crust was good. Overall, we had a good dining experience here at Pizza My Way. Service is friendly and pizza is good tasting.

Noelle's Notes
Decor is dated but that's forgivable when you serve such a delicious pie!

Kris T.

Walnut Creek, CA


Great Pizza! Some of the best I've had in a while.

We got a half BBQ Hawaiian, and the other half was chicken pesto.. both were delicious. We also got a side of the garlic wings, and they were good too! Not too hot, but not too bland.

Delivery service to our hotel was pretty quick too.

If I did have one complaint, it would be price..... it was some expensive pizza. But you get what you pay for, I suppose.

Efrain G.

Los Angeles, CA

Updated - 2/26/2011

Pizza My Way is my favourite place for pizza in monterey and pacific grove area. I've ordered many times for delivery or pickup, never dined in.

Do not get this place confused with Pizza My Heart! And yes, I prefer it over Gianni's (which I do not like), another local favourite.

Stephen C.

San Mateo, CA


I worked in this same spot years ago when it was Nick's Brick Oven Pizza and when Nick's closed shop I was worried that I'd be forced to find lesser pizza options in the area but Pizza My Way took up right where Nick's left off.

If you like thick crust you're in luck. If you're carb counting... you shouldn't be eating pizza anyway.

It can be pricy like $30+ for a medium but I think the quality of the food is on par with what you're paying for it.

Shelley B.

Seaside, CA


This is now my favorite pizza place!! Chicken Masterpiece is sooo good!! I can't believe there are any bad reviews! The family that runs this are great and the food is awesome!! I would give it more stars if I could!!!

Ferocity D.

Pacific Grove, CA

Updated - 11/21/2010

I'm going to uprgade my review of Pizza My Way to five stars. They truly are an excellent pizza joint. My family this weekend shared a large pepperoni, bell pepper, and mushroom pizza in the afternoon. The service was prompt, courteous, and it's a very quiet place to eat. Yes you can have a conversation without yelling over somebody else! :D

They are still offering 15% off in the PG Hometown bulletin, so that will help to take care of your tip. Great work by these guys and gals!

Mark C.

Gilroy, CA


Played golf all day.. and our group wanted dinner.. did not want the chain places to eat.. took a gamble on my GPS.. and wow.. some of the best basil cheese pie this side of Hecker Pass!.. the server.. /girl was very nice prompt and accomadating. Damn wish it was closer driving from the Gilroy area.. cause id be there in a heartbeat.thin crust.. hot and coke that wasnt flat!!....

Katie E.

Monterey, CA


I drive past this place all the time and recently a sign outside advertising gluten-free pizza caught my eye. Very few restaurants offer choices for people with gluten sensitivities so I've been meaning to try it. Last night I decided to order for pickup. The girl who answered the phone was extremely helpful. I think she could sense my indecisiveness so she went ahead and suggested the California Veggie w/ chicken (on GF crust). I went to pick it up about 20 minutes later, and my pizza was ready and waiting. Same girl who answered the phone was at the counter, along with the owner (I think). Both were VERY pleasant and spoke to me as if I were a regular. Pizza was $25 dollars for a medium (8 slices). I'm sure some people would call this excessive but mine had a special crust and I'm used to all GF products being expensive so it didn't phase me in the slightest. My dog drooled all the way home with this pizza in the truck with us. Okay, so there is no question that this was absolutely the best pizza I've ever had. Not just the best GF pizza, but THE best pizza. Crust was perfection, veggies fresh, and just the right amount of cheese. Great family-owned establishment, will definitely be back.

Bill M.

Pacific Grove, CA


Really good gourmet pizzas. Pricey but worth an occasional splurge if your in the mood for a "My Salmon Fantasy", served hot. Cold leftovers the next day are even better.

Raul N.

Pacific Grove, CA


After this pizzeria was voted by Monterey Herald readers as one of the top 5 pizzerias on the Monterey Peninsula, I decided to give my usual haunt (Gianni's) a break and try Pizza My Way. I have to admit, their pizza is actually pretty tasty--and I've been here twice in the last two weeks.

Both times, I've ordered the pepperoni and sausage. Sure, it's not the healthiest of pizza options, but it's always been a guilty pleasure of mine ever since my parents ordered this combo when I was a kid. What impressed me most about this combo at Pizza My Way was the sausage--it's so flavorful! I love the combination of herbs in whatever sausage brand they use here. The one bummer is it's pretty salty--if I'm not careful, I'll wind up with a headache from too much salty sausage and not enough water. (Wow, honestly never thought I'd write a sentence like that!) The crust on their pizzas is thicker than I prefer, but it's crispy, which makes up for its thickness.

On my second visit, I decided to do a combo: half pepperoni/sausage and half Chicken Masterpiece (one of their specialty pizzas). The Chicken Masterpiece comes with chicken (duh), tomatoes, diced onions and mushrooms, all on a white sauce. I'm not normally a fan of white sauces of pizza, but I have to admit this one was pretty good. To top it all off, my friend and I went for full carb overload and decided to try the garlic cheese bread too--very cheesy and very garlicy too, but nothing too special in my book. (But she's a big fan.)

Sure, the prices are a little steep here--about $20 for a medium, $25+ for a large, I think?--but that seems to be the going rate at non-chain pizzerias now. I'm glad Herald readers introduced me to Pizza My Way--it's quickly becoming my go-to pizzeria.

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